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The Quarantined Church

If you are like me you have spent a decent amount of time pondering our world’s response to COVID-19 (coronavirus). You have probably vacillated between anxiety and shrugging it off as not that big of a deal. Surely we have all been surprised by the shut down of business as usual and frustrated at some level that our regular way of life has been imposed on by some invisible virus (anybody been to the grocery store lately???).

Yet, we recognize that there is certainly a grave threat to our country’s health and well being because of this virus. This is why we are choosing the cautious approach of canceling gatherings for the next two weeks. We do not want to put others at risk by ignoring the best medical advice being given at the moment.

Our current solutions to the “no gathering” situation include:

1) Facebook Live. We will offer a live video feed on our Facebook page of the Sunday morning service. This will be brief and simple in nature. We will sing a few hymns together and I will preach a sermon. We hope it is able to provide you with encouragement in the Lord.

2) Online Giving. We recognize that this season will be difficult financially for many people and that includes churches. Please be mindful to continuing giving during this time if you are able and can do it with a cheerful heart. The church website has been updated and now includes a “give online” option. Be aware that there is a transaction fee. If you want to avoid a transaction fee then you could drop your check off at the church during office hours or mail it in to the church. If you choose to drop it off please come by during office hours (Tues-Thurs. 9am to 2:30pm).

3) Community. We are requesting that everyone make a concerted effort to remain in contact with each other during this time. Call to check in on one another and see if there are any needs that you can meet (a grocery run for someone elderly for example). May we love another as ourselves without interruption because of a viral threat.

4) Witness. The Great Commission has not been put on pause because of the coronavirus. Be ready to share the hope of Christ with those around you during this season of cultural anxiety and uncertainty.

5) Pray. Let us heed Philippians 4:6, “do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” Now is not the time to join the world in worry and anxiety and panic. Let us rejoice and pray fervently for God to be glorified in us and through us and that the truth of Christ would be revealed to many who are searching for answers during this global crisis.

If the Underground Church can figure out how to obey the Great Commission and the Great Commandment with the threat of bodily harm from the governing authorities, then surely we can figure out how to continue on with gospel ministry as the Quarantined Church.

Our intention at this time is to resume normal activities beginning Wednesday April 1. When the time comes to resume gatherings we urge wisdom, caution, and concern for others to guide the decisions we make pertaining to attending or not attending.

May we PRACTICE the things that we have learned and received and heard and seen in Christ, His Word, and His followers (Phil. 4:9).

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