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Corporate Worship

Corporate Worship - 10:30am


Our highest aim during our worship service is to glorify and praise God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. We aim to preach God's Word faithfully and have it as our guide as we sing, pray, and listen so that as we worship God we are also encouraging one another in our faith. We believe that being made right with God through faith in Jesus Christ is the only way to have true, full, and everlasting joy.

We invite you to come as you are and experience Jesus Christ through His Word and people!

When you come to visit us, there are visitor parking spaces available next to the main building providing quick access to the Main Entrance.


If you have kids under 3 years old, you may register them at the nursery located on the lower floor. You will also find the bathroom, water fountain, coffee and some classrooms on this floor.

The Worship Center is located on the upper floor. If you are a first-time visitor please fill out a visitor card (located in the back of the chairs), where you can share with us your contact information and receive a gift from our family. There are Bibles and Hymnals available under the chairs, if you don't have a Bible please feel free to take one home.

Our building is handicap accessible, for the lower floor please use the ramp on the west side of the building; and for the upper floor use the platform lift.


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