Qualifications: The membership of this church shall consist of persons who confess Jesus Christ as

Savior and Lord, who have been baptized by immersion, with the understanding that baptism does not save, but instead, is an outward expression of an inward faith, according to Scripture.

Admission: This church shall receive candidates into its membership on the following conditions. 1) By baptism. Knowing you are lost in sin without Christ, willing to accept Christ as Lord and Savior, turning from sin with a simple prayer of faith confessing Christ as your Savior and following this with baptism by immersion. 2) By a letter from your former Baptist Church, believing Christ led you to this church, willing to work and enter the fellowship of this church. 3) By statement if records should be lost or unavailable from your former church.

Acceptance: All applications for membership shall be reviewed by the pastor and the Deacon Body and shall be acted upon during any business meeting of the church. A simple majority of active members present and voting shall be necessary to accept one for church membership. Should one who is requesting membership not be present during the business meeting in which the vote is made for membership, he/she shall be sent a copy of the minutes of the said business meeting.

Membership Terminated 1) By transfer of membership to another church 2) By church action if a person joins a church not of like faith, where a transfer of letter would not be ordinarily requested 3) By erasure in the event a person has departed from the faith, or is living openly in immorality, or is guilty of sowing discord in the fellowship. Steps taken toward reconciliation or erasure shall be in accordance with Matthew 18:15-17. This erasure would occur after prayerful consideration and church action.

Members are expected to be faithful in all duties essential to the Christian life, attend services of the church, give regularly for its support and causes, and share in its organized work.