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Belonging to a local church as a member is Biblical, and as such it is vital for the spiritual of health of every believer and the health of every local church. Without church membership a group of believers will not be as healthy as they could be and will be out of step with the teaching of the Bible.

The Bible makes it clear that only biblically baptized believers are legitimate candidates for church membership. Therefore we practice several things to preserve the unity and purity of our congregation.

Membership Class - This class is for those who desire to learn about and/or pursue church membership at Garden Ranch. We cover the biblical qualifications for church membership, the biblical expectations of church members, and the necessary biblical doctrine one must believe in order to unite with GRBC in membership.

Membership Interview - If after attending the membership class someone desires to pursue membership a membership interview can be requested with the pastor. The purpose of this interview is to assure that they candidate meets the biblical qualifications for membership.

Membership Recommendation - If the candidate meets the biblical requirements for membership then he or she will be recommended for membership at the next members' meeting.

Membership Affirmation - Upon receiving the recommendation for a candidate to be accepted into membership the congregation will vote to affirm or deny the recommendation.

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